Chapter 4 Prenatal Development

Stages of Pregnancy

There are _ stages or ___ in pregnancy.

First Stage or First or _ Stage (Briana Cicero)

Be sure to include how many weeks or months is shown.

Week 5 (Briana Cicero)

(ACCESS Prezi to Help) Equal in size to what? Be sure to include at how many weeks or months.

Equal to the size of a sesame seed at 5 weeks. (Briana Cicero)
Month 1- The placenta develops. The mother may start to feel some pregnancy symptoms. The baby is 6-7mm-The size of a grain of rice! (Rayla Decker)

Month 2- The baby's facial features are developing. Fingers, eyes and toes are forming. The neural tube is well formed. The embryo begins to move but the mother cannot feel it yet. The baby is about 2.54cm. A third of the baby in now its head. (Rayla Decker)

Month 3- Baby is fully formed. The baby can open and close its fists. Fingernails and toenails are beginning to develop. The babies reproductive organs also develop. The baby is 7.6-10cm long! (Rayla Decker)
Pregnancy_Your_Babys_Growth_and_Development_Months_1_to_3_-_12_Weeks.jpg(Rayla Decker)

16 weeks ( 3 1/2 months ) - The baby's eyes can blink and the heart and blood vessels are fully formed. The fingers and feet now have prints. The baby is 4.3 to 4.6 inches long and weighs about 3.5 ounces. ( Sanniyyah Blackwell )

Major Systems Forming and/ Functioning- Shaping embryo, forming premative organs. (Briana Cicero)

Most Significant[Important] Development- Circulatory system forms, heart starts to beat. (Briana Cicero)

FOCUS QUESTION: How do you think dangers like alcohol or drugs could the influence development certain stages? I think alcohol and or drugs can really influence development at certain stages in a negative way, everything the mother drinks or eats gets passed on to the baby, the mother is the control system in this situation and since drugs and alcohol are not healthy there is a possibility it can danger the health and well being of the baby. (Briana Cicero)

I think dangers like alcohol and drugs can really influence the development at certain stages in a bad way because what every you eat or drink is getting passed on to the baby. So if the mother is consuming drugs and alcohol then that is what the baby is consuming and that can cause internal damage to the baby. ( Sanniyyah Blackwell )

Alcohol and drugs have a very large affect on the baby. Drugs and alcohol can cause the babies mental growth to slow or even give the baby health problems when it's born and even possibly their entire lifetime. Drugs and alcohol could even cause death in some cases. Being healthy and not drinking or doing drugs helps the baby to be healthy and have less problems in the future. (Jessica Kreiser)

Second Stage or __ Stage

15- 20 weeks. (Briana Cicero)

Size: Length of a banana 20 weeks.

(ACCESS Prezi to Help) Equal in size to what? Be sure to include at how many weeks or months.

Length of a banana at 20 weeks. (Briana Cicero)

What's going on?

Baby starts to develop senses and you can feel the movements of the baby. (Briana Cicero)

Major Systems Forming and/ Functioning

At 15 weeks the nervous system rapidly matures. Skeleton changes, cartilage hardens into bone. Sensory development develops quickly. (Briana Cicero)

Most Significant[Important] Development

movement and sensory development. (Briana Cicero)

FOCUS QUESTION: How is the baby receiving oxygen and nutrition?

oxygen through its mother, the baby also receives nutrition from it's mother, he eats and drinks what she eats and drinks. (Briana Cicero)

The baby recieves anything the mother eats or drinks including what she breathes too. The baby receives oxygen and nutrition from it's mother. (Jessica Kreiser)

Third Stage or _Stage

21-27 weeks (Briana Cicero)


(ACCESS Prezi to Help) Equal in size to what?

2 pounds, about equal in size to the size of a loaf of bread. (Briana Cicero)

What's going on? Sense of touch develops, Starts to be able to swallow 23 weeks, Lungs develop more practicing breathing. Taste buds start to form. (Briana Cicero)

Major Systems Forming and/ Functioning

Respiratory system, lungs developing more baby able to practice breathing. Taste buds form. (Briana Cicero)

Most Significant[Important] Development

The lungs developing making the baby to be able to breathe. (Briana Cicero)

FOCUS QUESTION: What is the importance of the mother adopting healthy habits during her pregnancy?

It is very important for a mother to adopt health habits during pregnancy to make sure the baby is healthy and okay. Also, to she herself is okay while carrying the baby inside her. (Briana Cicero)

It is very important for the mother to be healthy during her pregnancy. Having healthy habits will give the baby a better chance of being a very healthy and have little to no health issues down the road. (Jessica Kreiser)

Chapter 1 Learn About Children

Main Ideas (1pnt)

The way children develop, grow, learn, interact. Theorist also came up with theories on how these specific things occur. (Briana Cicero)

Terms I Know (2pnts)

term- definition (IN YOUR OWN WORDS)

Interpretation- the result of someone observing something and what information they get from it. (Briana Cicero)

Environment- The surroundings you live in and the things around you. (Rayla Decker)

Accommodation - to use prior knowledge to understand new information. ( Sanniyyah Blackwell )

Stimulation - Something the baby does that improves his sense of smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing. (Jessica Kreiser)

Unfamiliar Terms (2pnts)

term- definition (IN YOUR OWN WORDS)

Baseline- where a theory or something of the such starts at. (Briana Cicero)

anecdotal record - a record that tracks development without a time limit. ( Sanniyyah Blackwell )

Notable People (3pnts)

Name- What they did. What is significant?

Jean Piaget- she had the idea of studying how a child learns as he/she develops she believes a child goes through 4 developmental stages. It's significant that children must be given learning tasks appropriate to their level of development. (Briana Cicero)

Albert Bandura- Believed that personality isn't just developed from people telling you what to say or do, it's also from observing people around you. (Rayla Decker)

Sigmund Freud - focused on causes of behavior and personality of being unconscious. ( Sanniyyah Blackwell )

Age Groups Studied (2pnts)

Young children probably from about 1-2 years and up.

Case Study Discussion

What information do you need to know in order to determine a diagnosis of any problems?


Lucas lives with his mom and dad in a house in the country. His father is a train engineer and spends a few days a week on the rails while his mother stays at home as a housewife. Their house sits on a large plot of land surrounded by woods on one side and a cornfield on the other. They have neighbors but only on one side and across the street. They also have many pets, two dogs, three cats, and some fish. Lucas is presently the only child but that will be changing in a few months, as his mother is pregnant and due at the end of July. He loves trains, animals, ice tea, and being inside and outside of his house. His favorite movie is the Polar Express.

When Lucas was three, he broke his first bone. He broke his right arm during the spring while playing in the woods behind his house with his dogs. Having a cast on his arm only slowed him down and kept him out of the water, but other than that nothing changed. I have witnessed Lucas running or jumping many times whether it be running to tackle someone when rough housing, jumping on the trampoline, or both when he is playing with his second cousin who is just a few months older.

Lucas was child who needed and wanted to be with his mother and would cry or search for her as soon as she left his sight. Similarly, however, he can/will lose complete control of his temper and lash out violently to those around him. The fact that he loses his temper and becomes mean may have to do with Lucas becoming frustrated and feeling he has no options but because he is acting violently this could develop into a big problem.

I primarily just watched him inside his house: inside because it always seemed to be either too cold or rainy when I would visit. I observed him primarily in the afternoons between one and four o’clock.

Student Observations to focus question (5pnts)

Lucas gets upset and or angry and violent when his mother is not right there with him. It seems like he may even be jealous over the new baby coming into the family and will act out of anger for attention from his mother. This seems to happen a lot during mid-day or evening. (Briana Cicero)

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