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What I hope to do is have as many people as possible make a paper crane and mail it to a post office box I recently rented. I will then assemble all of the cranes on a string, take many pictures which I will post, and then set the cranes ablaze. It is very simple. All you need is a sheet of paper, an envelope and a stamp. The key is for you to write whatever wish for Change you hope is accomplished because of this tragedy and then fold it into a crane. I will take care of the rest. Instructions for how to make a crane and where to send the crane are below.

Please send your cranes to this address:

One Thousand Cranes for Newtown

P.O. Box 15 675 E. Santa Clara St.

Ventura, CA 93001

It is very simple. If you can't fold the crane, then just write your wish on a sheet of paper and send it to me. I will fold it for you. But I really hope you try. My dream is that you will do this with your family, friends, or schoolmates. Let's use this event to bring us all together and, most importantly, to not forget all of the lives that were needlessly lost on that horrible day. I could make one thousand cranes myself, but it is more tangible if one thousand different people participate. We can comment back and forth on Facebook about how awful everything was, but this project will allow us all to see physically how many people are upset about this event and how many people want real Change. No names or addresses are asked or expected. Feel free to keep your envelope anonymous.

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