All things that are excellent that happen in Political Science class.

Still building and seeing how things work.

Chapter 23 Foreign Policy

US Relations w/ North Korea and the UN

SKorea cuts trade with North
How does this impact our alliances with countries in the region? China?

Chapter 4 Bill of Rights and More

Amendment Projects

11th Amendment

12th Amendment

13th Amendment

14th Amendment

16th Amendment

19th Amendment

20th Amendment

22nd Amendment

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Chapter 2 Foundations of Government

Pres. Obama signs Healthcare Bill, March 23, 2010
Healthcare Debate

New York Times article, For Consumers, Clarity on Health care changes

Quiz: How HealthCare Reform Will (and will not) Change Your Life? (You may not think it will affect you at all now, I thought that way too, but this is the most drastic reform to health care in close to a century.

Proposed Changes-comparison

Break down on changes

First Amendment-Freedom of Speech- What much should be protected?

Protesters Use First Amendment to Protest Soldiers Funeral
Protesters at Soldiers Funeral- Follow up
Soldier's Father Gets Some Help-
Supreme Court to Hear Arguments- UPDATE